Arsenal End Milan’s Fairy Tale

Milan have threw away all the good work done at the Emirates Stadium. 0-0 at Emirates, they had the upper hand going into the second leg, but then, they threw it all away.

Both sides started the match nervously, and both sides had periods of domination but halfway through the first half something inexplicable happened. Milan suddenly lost it. It seemed as if the devil himself had descended upon San Siro and sapped the Milan players of their will to win. From then on, it was one-way traffic all the way.

As a Milanista, their performance was annoying, torturous and painful to watch. Save for Nesta and Maldini, the rest of the Milan team failed to show up. Kaka, World Player of the Year, was a ghost; Pato, deprived of service, didn’t know how to fall back deep to receive the ball; Ambrosini, vice-captain, was uninspired at best. But worst of all was the man who Milan rely so heavily on for stringing moves together, Pirlo. I have never seen Pirlo played so badly before, every time he got the ball, he lost it, and worse, made no real attempt to win it back.

Milan were simply woeful. In my 15 odd years of supporting the club, this is by far the worst I have ever seen them play. Also, they seemed disinterested, which is puzzling because the Champions League is all that is left for the club to play for, and you won’t be able to tell that looking at their performance last night. It seemed as if they were playing in a charity match with an overeager, psychotic Arsenal side.

For the past few seasons, people have been saying that Milan are far too old, yet time and time again, Milan have proved them wrong. But as sure as the sun is in its journey across the sky, so too must all good things come to an end, and I think this time, it finally has.

Not only did Milan not have an answer to Arsenal’s dogged running and youthful exuberance, but after winning everything there is, you can’t help but wonder if the hunger is still in them. Having enjoyed so much success, do they even want to win? Do they care if they lose?

If they didn’t, Arsenal sure did. Wenger’s youngsters, who haven’t tasted success to the degree Milan had, were desperate. You could tell. Not since South Korea in the 2002 World Cup have I seen a side that pressed and harried so relentlessly. And not since, my last kick about at a street soccer court have I seen a side like Milan, so clueless in coming up with a response.

The fairy tale has well and truly ended, I feel. Milan now have to face music and with only 4th place in the Serie A to play for, must undertake drastic steps to correct themselves and rebuild for the next season. I have been saying this many times, but this time, I want to see it happen!

Admittedly, Kaka hasn’t been at his best, with injuries and whatnot, but having signed on until 2013, Milan must now match Kaka’s loyalty to club by making some serious signings, thereby signaling their serious intentions to go back to winning ways.

Also, I would like to see a new man at the helm. Ancelotti has been great of course, without good old Carlo, Milan surely would not enjoyed so much success, but I think its finally time Milan bring in someone new to breath some life into the club. My wish is that they bring in Marcello Lippi, whom I have very great respect for, despite the fact that he had in the past, managed both Juventus and Internazionale.

So finally the time has come, for us to close a chapter of Milan’s history. It’s been one hell of ride, but now, we must look to the future and await the new dawn. Forza Milan!

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