Mido flogged for 6m, Spurs aren’t the only ones laughing

I promised myself that I wouldn’t touch footy news today but this one is just too much.

The thought that Tottenham had found a club willing to take Mido on loan was hilarious enough, but now, news that Tottenham have a 6m deal in place to sell Mido is just too much to ignore.

Ok, ok, so maybe Mido is not as bad as he has shown so far. Maybe he just hasn’t settled in properly in England.

But the transfer fee, and the logic of buying Mido for a newly promoted club like Birmingham is beyond me.

It’s a risk – and the fact that Birmingham are newly promoted makes it even riskier – why splash 6m on a striker who has flopped in the Premiership?

At this point, the 5.5m purchase of Richardson and 5m buy of Chopra by Sunderland comes to mind. There is one difference though: Chopra has scored goals in England (albeit in the Championship) while Richardson, when he’s played regularly, has shown ‘some’ signs of being a half-decent player (and the fact that his manager has trained with him previously explains the price, a bit).

But Mido? 6m?

Tottenham fans must be pissing themselves.

Sorry if this offends you, but there’s really no other way to take this one.

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