Middlesbrough’s sour grapes hide Manchester United’s inadequacies

The FA Cup quarter final replay was boring – Manchester United tried and tried to break Boro down and Boro just wouldn’t let them.

It took a penalty (I’ve seen one angle and I’m not happy with it) won by Ronaldo to put us through, and now Watford await on April 14th / 15th, and Chelsea will be waiting at Wembley.

With the league game bound to be rescheduled towards the end of the season, that’s 2 of the 3 big ‘finals’ setup, eh?

United did enough, and to be honest were tired, but you would expect better from them and credit to Middlesbrough for ‘holding out’ so long. If Ferguson was Wenger he’d complain about Boro’s negative tactics but it was up to Manchester United to break Boro down and they couldn’t.

United now have 8 league games, plus 2 FA Cup games (Watford are history) and a minimum of 2 CL games to go this season. If someone had offered this to me at the start I’d have taken it but now the season seems incomplete somehow. I’d be happy with just the league, but I’d definitely want United to be playing at Wembley and at Athens.

On yesterday’s form though, we might not want to turn up…

Main Incident

Ronaldo get’s whacked for time wasting, Morrison hacks him down and Rooney goes nuts as well.

I think what Rooney did was understandable – if a friend of mine had been tackled like that I’d have gone in and remonstrated as well. However, Rooney deserved a booking, which he didnt get and I think the ref was too lenient with him. A yellow card was deserved.

The sideline scuffle was unfortunate – I didn’t see it but Queiroz shouldn’t / needn’t get involved, even if Boro are whining about Ronaldo. It takes away from a fantastic season, and it’s far too common now, this sideline scuffle business.

Manchester United are through to the semi-final, they’ll hopefully finish Watford in the first half and already, United fans are planning for Wembley.

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