Middlesbrough chairman wrong to air dirty laundry about Viduka and Yakubu

I just don’t find it appropriate for a club chairman to publicly criticise players or comment on such matters out in the open. It’s good press, but because it’s just one person berating the other, it quickly turns into a slanging match and we get half-truths, which isn’t fun to begin with.

Gibson is right about a couple of things – Viduka wasn’t worth a 3-year, high-salary contract and Yakubu wasn’t exactly on fire at the end of last season. However, this is no reason to make comments that will invite criticism and have your own club’s name dragged in mud.

Spend that time loosening Middlesbrough’s purse strings so Alves can come in quickly.

If he has to comment, why not reveal exact figures of what Middlesbrough offered Viduka and what Viduka asked for in return? I agree that football should not about the money, but if Gibson had simply shown (through numbers instead of whining like a girl about it) us how greedy Viduka is, it would have made much more sense.

As things stand, we have to figure out what Middlesbrough’s gate income is (was that one game’s income or the whole season’s income? if it’s the latter Boro are in serious trouble) and then do the math.

As for Yakubu – it could have had something to do with ambitions and a lack of patience, which is too evident in football today.

[Source: Sky Sports]

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