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Mesut Ozil Real Madrid – Micha



A fantastic football wallpaper designed by Micha, from sportsgfx. The player in focus is Mesut Ozil, the youngster transferred by Jose Mourinho to Real Madrid this summer.

Ozil is wearing the new Real Madrid shirt, the home shirt to be specific. He managed to match the flares surrounding the player with the colours of the shirt, which works great. Being on a light gray background fits to the football shirt as well, so it’s great that the artists decided to go with light, rather than dark.

The wallpaper is 1280×1024 in resolution, but you can use it on a bigger screen if you set the colour to be the same gray as the background in the football wallpaper.

Love the blurred typography as well, and that it is in two colours, matching the flares in the background.

To download this wallpaper, click the image below:

Mesut Ozil Wallpaper Real Madrid
Mesut Ozil Wallpaper Real Madrid

Any comments for the designer? What do you think about it?