Media sharpens its lies and deception

It’s that time of the year again…

The January transfer window is 23 days away, but the transfer chatter and rumours have started already.

Combine it with over-the-top efforts to pander to specific fan sentiments (such as everyone hating Chelsea, or the Hargreaves saga, or Henry and Arsenal), and you’ve got so much bullshit in front of you that it is almost impossible to maintain any respect for leading media houses such as the Guardian and BBC.

It’s going to get a lot worse as the transfer window gets closer. Already Shevchenko’s interview has been mangled and mistranslated by the Guardian, and then they’re pandering it as news that Mourinho chooses players on form, not on hype.

Reminds of what Rob Smyth said about how journalism (in his view) was moving away from objectivity and towards pandering to public opinion.

Hey, it sells, so let it.

And then people have the nerve to put down blogs for bias and bullshit. Oh well, considering what is happening around us, that’s fair too.

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