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Steve McClaren reads Soccerlens.com



Don’t believe me? Here’s solid proof.

On 9th October, while previewing the England v Croatia qualifier, I said the following:

England need to focus on getting the basics right. Tackle, win the ball, move, pass, move. Always keep moving, always focus on being part of the game.

Now here’s where this gets interesting. Later that day, Steve McClaren is talking to the press and has clearly done his homework (which presumably includes reading Soccerlens every morning) as he has this to say about the Saturday draw:

“It was about basics, passing the ball, movement, intensity and tempo and in some respects we didn’t have that.”

To say that I’m flattered is an exaggeration. I’m horrified that England’s manager needs a football blogger to tell him what’s wrong with his side. Or maybe it’s one of his PR people, feeding him the right lines?

Hey, how do I get into this coaching business? 🙂