Wigan striker headbutts Hull City’s senior citizen

Hull City strikers Marlon King and Dean Windass reportedly brawled in a casino last night when around 3am, a drunk Windass made fun of an even more drunk Marlon King, which ticked the younger (well, 39 beats 28) striker off to the extent that he (King) headbutted Windass in the face.

Apparently King had the sense to take his watch off and put it in his pocket before jumping Windass, although he soon forget where his watch was and thought it had been stolen (yes, taking a drunken man’s watch during a fight and hoping he forgets sounds like a brilliant plan).

Sources (people who sold the story to The Sun) say that team-mates pulled the pair apart and the players were allowed to stay after promising there would be no more trouble.

Richard Koval-Meth, gaming manager of the casino (Scarborough’s Opera House Casino in North Yorks), said: “There was a fracas, but it only lasted a minute or two.” He confirmed that the missing watch was found in King’s pocket.

A spokesman for Hull City said: “It was an unfortunate incident. The club decline to comment any further.”

I wonder what Phil Brown will make of it.

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