Manchester United will probably move for Adu next summer

There’s so much being said about Freddy Adu in the media that you don’t know who to believe.

Every pundit is saying that Adu is not ‘good enough’, as if the 17-year old had personally let them down. People have jumped on the “Don’t go to Manchester United” bandwagon and publicly advised Adu to stay away from the ‘glamour’.

My question is – what does Ferguson think? Is Adu good enough for Manchester United?

This is what SAF had to say about Adu’s chances at Manchester United:

“Freddy has done all right.

He is a good, talented young boy but there is nothing we can do about him.

What we did was to bring him here to give him an idea of what United was like so he could see the place and see how comfortable he was with it.

He is a very confident and talented boy but nothing can be done just yet.

He will go back to the United States and we will keep a check on him. Then, when he is 18, we will have to assess what we can do next.”

The way I read that, it’s a given that we’re bringing Adu over to Manchester United next summer. He turns 18 in June, and United need to invest long-term in a winger. Adu could be the player to move for, and I’d rather have him move next summer and spend 2 years learning from Rooney and Ronaldo and Giggs rather than have him play at Ajax – unless of course we were to buy him and then loan him out to the Dutch club.

Identifying a good player is one thing (Veron and Forlan were good players) – getting him to work in your system is quite another (Ruud). Adu’s playing style fits into Manchester United’s system, and considering that he’s only 17 1/2, there’s a lot of improvement still to come. Ferguson will have judged his pace and confidence and ball control, and if he’s got all three then we’ve got ourselves a new winger come summer 2007.

Unless you’ve seen him play for yourself though, you can’t say much about him.

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