Manchester United: Was Rio worth £29m?

Alex Ferguson has been full of praise for Rio Ferdinand recently (who is set to play his 200th game for Manchester United against Charlton today).

Ferguson talks about his technique, his potential, his rare moments of carelessness and his new-found maturity that has been at the heart of Manchester United’s defensive strength in the last year or so.

The most telling comment though, was this one:

“When I paid that kind of money for Rio we were looking for a return in terms of getting 10 years’ service out of him.

Well, he has been here five years now – and we are looking at 10 to 12 years in total.”

So the question now is – is Rio Ferdinand worth 29m, considering that he’s already given Manchester United around 5 years of service, and should be around for another 5? The inevitable comparisons with Gallas, Terry and Toure will be made, but also consider that Ferdinand’s price was inflated because he was the captain of a Prem club and was being bought by a team that had won so many titles in the last decade.

So, is Rio worth 29m to Manchester United?

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