Manchester United Want Torres, But Not Now

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Remember Rooney in 2004? Manchester United had been keeping tabs on Rooney after Euro 2004, but had no plans of moving for him that year.

Newcastle changed that with a ridiculous bid that forced United to move for boy wonder an year earlier. Manchester United’s best signing of the decade, and with the right support he is now poised to be the world’s best striker.

And now there is every indication that United are doing the same with Torres. We want the player, but because he’s not proven and would be a gamble at the asking price of 27 mil, We also want him to take another year and mature (so we get our hands on a finished product).

The Footie (I think) made a crack about when Newcastle would bid for Torres, but the danger is very real. Right now, Chelsea have their eyes set on Tevez, the Italians don’t have any hope, Barca have Messi and Torres has himself said that he won’t play for Real Madrid.

That leaves Manchester United as the only realistic option – the only club that has the respect and the money to land Torres.

Ok, scratch that – we don’t have the money. So if we were ‘forced’ to move for the player, we wouldn’t be able to pay the transfer fee.

Luckily, Newcastle won’t be considered ‘good enough’ by Torres, while Liverpool don’t have that kind of money.

Manchester United can afford to wait, and maybe buy a cheaper striker (or stick with Rossi and Solskjaer as backups for Rooney and Saha).

Maybe next year. Maybe. Question is – where will we get the money from?

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