Manchester United transfers update: Gattuso, Berbatov & Owen

This summer is going to be tough on Manchester United fans – being Premiership champions means there’s a much higher level of ‘expectation’ when it comes to transfers, and for Manchester United the wheels are already spinning.

Red Rants takes a look at three of the rumors that are NOT going to be real, no matter how much we want them to happen.

Gattuso, Berbatov and Michael Owen have all been linked to Manchester United in recent days, without any real developments on any front.

I mean, because Gattuso’s wife is British, or because Owen has a 9m escape clause, or because Berbatov has 20+ goals, Manchester United absolutely MUST be going after them, right?

Head over to Red Rants and find out if these three superstars are actually coming over to Manchester United or not.

Gattuso, Berbatov, Owen – debunking some rumours

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