Manchester United to make desperate attempt for Tottenham’s Berbatov?

First it was Bolton’s Nicolas Anelka.

Then it was Newcastle United’s Obafemi Martins.

Now the Times (never ones to be left behind) are claiming that Manchester United are lining up a 20m pounds bid for Tottenham’s Dimitar Berbatov after reports that the striker was ‘unsettled’ by Martin Jol’s rotation policy.

What bullshit.

For starters, as I’ve discussed here, there’s no need to bring in a big-name, first-XI player to Manchester United at this point – within 2 weeks our other strikers will start coming back from their injuries and then you’ll have the new man fighting with Tevez, Rooney, Anderson and Saha for a starting berth. 4 first-teamers into 2 don’t go, even if you take out Anderson and put him on the bench.

I doubt that Martins would move to Manchester United with a desire to sit on the bench – and if Berbatov is unsettled at Tottenham and wants to play in the starting XI and not get rotated, then he must know that moving to Manchester United will have the opposite effect.

The story about Berbatov and Jol having a tiff is bullshit as well – sure, Berba might not have been happy at being subbed, but no player is happy to be taken off, and there are plenty of players who get angry when subbed. It doesn’t mean that they are automatically unsettled. Tottenham need Berbatov and Berbatov, at the moment, needs Tottenham. He’s not going anywhere, not this season.

Would Manchester United splash 20m on a striker in the last 10 days of August? I’d be surprised if Ferguson even brought in a loan deal – people are quick to forget that the players at the team’s disposal, once fit, are more than a match for any team in the world. People are also quick to believe the hype that’s being played in the media about Tottenham’s supposed problems.

It’s all hype folks, nothing to it. And if anyone really believes that Tottenham are willing to sell Berbatov, they need their head examined.

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