Manchester United Roundup: striker ratings, Heinze staying and Tevez coming in?

Here’s the Manchester United related news over the past couple of days:

1. There was a rant about how Tevez can play alongside Rooney. It was mostly driven out of wishful thinking on our part. We’d really love for Tevez to come over to United because he’s simply a bloody good player.

2. In yesterday’s roundup we had briefly discussed about an article about Hargreaves filling Keano’s boots. We also wondered if Drogba was getting too complacent writing off Arsenal.

3. Then there was this rather excellent article that even non-Man Utd fans must read. The guy’s done some pretty good research on his strikers, and gives an objective analysis on which striker would best fit Manchester United, if we buy.

4. There’s this talk about players trying not to swear at the refs at the drop of the hat, and behaving like nice little schoolgirls. Well, not school girls exactly, but nice blokes at least. Some random thoughts like player dissent, diving, life, karma etc were thrown about to make an article. So go ahead and read it.

5. Why Heinze won’t go to Liverpool – It seems very simple, but there are hordes of Liverpool fans bitching about the sheer idea that United won the Prem last season. Or something.

That should round it up. Do keep visiting Red Rants for more Manchester United news.

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