Manchester United roundup: Heinze, Tevez, Scholes and Fergie

A quick look at the football news surrounding Manchester United in the last week.

  • Air Superiority

    There are very few flaws that one can find in a masterpiece. When you do, indeed, you tend to wonder if those rare gaps were accidental after all- or if they were part of the contrivance of the great mind behind the rest of the glory. Fergie’s third ‘reich’, to me is posing just such […]

  • Heinze Has Gotten On My Nerves

    Okay, needless to say, *Insert RANT ALERT here*.This site has been doggedly loyal to Heinze, several times sticking its neck out time and time again, that we might have ourselves gotten bored of our Heinze worship. We’ve even pulled Pool fans’ legs in the process. (Not that we will ever stop…

  • Scholes’ Injury is a Blessing

    You wouldn’t get that usually in a United site. Especially when someone, of the stature of Paul Scholes, faces the grim prospect of being out of the side for a good month. Not to mention the time he will surely take to get back into his stride, coming back from the long layoff.Make no mistake,…

  • Daily Roundup: Rooney-Tevez, Rossi-Pique and Eagles

    Not much to talk about today apart from linking you all to news that has become pretty stale by now.Anyhow, let’s get on with the routine.Sir Alex Ferguson (our esteemed manager) believes that Tevez and Rooney can work together. I believe, I also wrote a similar article a few weeks ago, but what…

  • Rossi Scores Two in Two Games

    While the attention has been trained on the exploits of the new signings in Asia, of the likes of Nani & Co., Rossi has been quietly warming up to the next season in style back in England. Since there hasn’t been adequate reports on his progress I thought I can very briefly touch up on […]

  • High Court Comes to Tevez’s Rescue

    After taking a mini-break from Tevez-gate we are back. We had to wait till we heard what FIFA had to say and, quite unsurprisingly, those half-wits decided to pass the buck – this time to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. However Kia Joorabchian sprang into action and finally decided to do what he…

  • Manchester United ‘Official’ 07/08 Away Kit

    This one is circulating around forums and seems like the real deal. It’s a poster someone took a picture of and uploaded it. The good news is that it is a black kit. I wanted a black kit this time. The bad news is that it is not this one. I really wanted that one […]

  • The Red Hot Roundup: Scholes, Eggy, FIFA, Evra

    Today’s roundup was a little late thanks to some overwhelming response for our last post. But well, you can always trust the Scousers to be passionate about their stuff. Okay, enough compliments to them for the day. It was a struggle to be civil, mind you, but they didn’t do much flaming either.…

  • Why Moving to Liverpool Won’t Help Heinze

    This is outrageous. I am thinking of some harsh words for the Bindippers but I am trying to hold it off for the moment, because, while what they are now in the process of doing maybe deplorable, I want to see this in a more objective manner. Yes, there will be the slight bias, but […]

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