Manchester United Officially Unveil 2006/2007 Kit (Pictures)

They were right, I was wrong. Maybe it was the disbelief, or sheer pig-headedness.

The new Manchester United 2006/2007 kit has been released, and for the record, looks butt-ugly.

The kit is supposed to commemorate the 50-year anniversary of the success of the famous Busby Babes – and is truly retro. Gone is the ‘true red’; this one looks more orange to me.

A hat-tip to Dixon who sent me a kit pic similar to this one a week ago, which I rejected because I couldn’t believe it would be this bad.

Manchester United Kit 2006/2007

And once again, I got it horribly wrong here.

I figure that we would get used to the kit after watching it for a couple of matches, but putting the crest in a white background like that totally kills off the effect, and for the love of god would someone do something about the AIG logo?

I’m happy that they are a big sponsor and that United is lucky to get that sort of money coming in, but spend a couple of grand, hire a freelance designer and get him to put together a new AIG logo for you.

Manchester United Kit 2006/2007

Tell you what – I bet a United fan would probably do it for free too.

Is it really as bad as I think or am I just being too picky here?

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