Manchester United not at their best…yet

The media, and almost all opposing fans, assume that because Manchester United are 8 points ahead (5 if Chelsea beat Newcastle) in the league by mid-December, they’re bound to be playing at their best.

As usual, these idiots cannot be more wrong.

Manchester United are FAR from playing at their best. We’ve shown flashes of it this season, the best bit being at the start of the season, the first 20 minutes against Fulham.

What United HAVE excelled in is something they missed out on in the last three years – the ability to win without playing their best. This side is still some way away from Chelsea of the last two years, from Barcelona, from United of old.

This side is not invincible (nor is it always good). In two matches (Celtic away and Arsenal home) Manchester United played their best side and were beaten. You can make excuses and give reasons for each defeat but the fact is that this United team has not been in top gear. We’ve been missing easy chances, making life really hard for ourselves in the Champions League and dropping out of the Carling Cup.

The point is – we can play better, and as Arsenal and Chelsea step up their games, there is every chance that Manchester United will pick the pace up a notch and considering that they’re already in front, that could just win Manchester United the title.

Be warned – the best is yet to come.

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