Manchester United keeping Ronaldo, after Deco, Hargreaves a done deal?

A handful of transfer rumors involving Manchester United have made the rounds this morning. I’ve listed a few of them here, the rest I’ll be posting individually (as they involve other clubs as well).

Ronaldo staying at Manchester United

First up, let’s Ronaldo’s recent assertion after the Portugal’s Euro 2008 game on Saturday that he’s staying at Manchester United for many years will put the Ronaldo-Barcelona and Ronaldo-Real Madrid rumours to rest. We’ve had enough of them, thank you very much 🙂

Like I’ve been saying since January, there was more of a chance of Ronaldo leaving last summer than there is this summer. Real Madrid and Barcelona can afford the 30m price tag, yes, but Ronaldo doesn’t want to go, not yet, so that’s that.

Manchester United to pay 15m for Barcelona’s Deco?

Someone comes up with an acceptable price for Deco (although that’s 5m too much for me considering his age), figures that Manchester United need a midfielder and then runs the rumour. Oh wait, that’s Tribal Football for you.

Xavi has more chance of coming to Manchester United than Deco, and neither of them are willing to leave Barcelona this summer.

Hargreaves – Bayern Munich or Manchester United?

Bayern are again posturing that they don’t need to sell while they look for ways to make 20m off Hargreaves without losing face in Germany for selling another top midfielder to a Premiership side.

He’ll come to Manchester United, you just have to wait for it.

Well, it’s time for me to wrap up and for you guys to tell me what you think.

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