Manchester United January Transfer Budget

Manchester United are definitely going to be active in the transfer market this January (and if Larsson’s capture is anything to go by it may well be another secret raid), so let’s look at our transfer budget and what our transfer policy is most likely going to be.

UnitedRant has gone nuts over over lack of spending in the summer and with Larsson’s loan deal he blew his top again. There are two sides here. Either Manchester United simply don’t have the money and Ferguson is being forced to deal with loans and bargain buys, or under the Glazers Manchester United have wizened up and are only going after players that are guaranteed to deliver a good return on their investment.

It could be this type of thinking that led United to drop their pursuit of Senna and not offer Vieira too much money in the summer. Bringing Larsson in on loan instead of moving for Torres serves the same purpose – United don’t need to spend millions right now when they have Solskjaer, Smith and Rossi to count on.

I’m firmly in the second camp – that Manchester United are buying smart – and because of that I’m sure that Manchester United have the financial resources to trump any team apart from Chelsea, Inter or Real when it comes to buying power. Considering that Chelsea could move for Torres, that could mean trouble.

Do Manchester United have the funds to spend 15 mil on Hargreaves? Yes. 25 mil on Torres? Maybe, but not in January.

We do have the money though – it’s a question of finding the right player (at the right time) to spend on.

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