Manchester United Fans Wont See Carrick Till September

Ferguson went so far as to call it a curse against Manchester United, and not many fans would argue – Michael Carrick’s foot injury against Ajax last night put him on the list of already injured players that now includes Neville, Heinze, Saha, Vidic, Ferdinand and O’Shea.

Add the red cards for Scholes and Rooney, and suddenly you have 9 first team players on the rocks.

And to think we wanted to start off with a full strength squad…

Of course, it’s not all bad. Apart from Carrick, all other injured members are expected to be fit for the start of the Premiership season. However, considering that we have only signed Carrick, and will probably sign just one more player, the 2006/2007 Premiership season could start with United fielding the same side that they did against Charlton on May 7th – not ideal beginnings.

The initial reaction to Carrick’s injury was that it was simply a pulled muscle, but seeing him hobbling on crutches in the post-match ceremony confirmed worst fears.

Carrick’s foot injury (he’s torn a ligament in front of his ankle) has put him out for least 3 weeks, and considering how strongly Ferguson wishes to avoid injuries to his star players he’ll be looking to keep Carrick on ice as long as possible – meaning that right now, we can forget seeing Carrick play in United colours in August.

The upside is that this injury, coupled with Rooney and Scholes missing, will magnify what United lack in midfield and in attack – at least two new players need to be brought in, and more if we’re going to clean out cruft like Miller or Fletcher. Senna is closest to arriving, although this writer is still hoping that Manchester United makes a bid for Kevin Nolan or Owen Hargreaves – two underrated players who are young, talented and will be able to take their game to the next level by playing for Manchester United.

As for a striker – your guess is as good as mine (but sorry, no Torres or Tevez or Kuyt coming – no Juve striker either).

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