Manchester United Fans vs Liverpool Fans

Reports suggest that Manchester United fans have taken to bury their sorrows in alcohol during Premiership games in a bid to spare themselves the agony of watching their team struggle against C-grade football fodder.

Personally I’m not surprised (at the source – a Liverpool news site – or at the news). We are, after all, coming off a heady stretch of over a decade of dominating the Premier League. Watching Manchester United play this bad for the last 5 years (in which we managed 3 3rd place finishes, 1 2nd place finish and 1 title, that too thanks to a magnificent run of form (and a horrible collapse by Arsenal) after March) would make anyone develop a drinking problem.

But perhaps what the Liverpool fans, gloating as they are about their own ‘wonderful’ disciplinary record, have forgotten is that for them, winning the Champions League and coming to within a couple of points of second place in the Premiership is indeed big news, and their fans are absolutely ecstatic with their progress, where as United has been backpeddling and furiously scraping to stay in the same place.

And if you add to that the fact that Manchester United have the most fans in England, I really don’t see why these numbers have to thrown up against us 🙂

Source: Reds fans prove a beacon for United

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