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Manchester United fans vs Glazers – Some Perspective



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Let’s set the record straight – the Glazer takeover put Manchester United under a lot of debt, and the ticket prices (and the new ticket scheme) have driven many fans away from Old Trafford.

In other words, the takeover hasn’t been a good thing for the United fans (and I doubt that winning last year’s Premier League was brought by the new owners – we financed the Carrick deal through Ruud’s sale and won with pretty much the same players as the previous season – the win was more due to Ferguson being to keep Ronaldo at Manchester United than anything else).

However, knowing that we are under a crushing debt (that won’t really sink the club if things went haywire – most likely scenario would be that a rich Arab would buy out Manchester United if the club was in trouble, because then the Glazers would be more like to sell and run instead of taking the hit – so we’re safe, really), knowing that the ticket prices are exorbitant (cheaper than in London but still – 91 pounds for a 4th round FA Cup tie against Tottenham at Old Trafford?) and that Manchester United’s ticket policy in general needs serious rethinking…

Knowing all that, I think it is PATHETIC that some fans would go to David Gill’s home and paint the walls of the property with graffiti.

I mean, COME ON, it’s been a couple of years since the takeover, and you’d think that people, after initial anger (or in the case of the Glazers, persistent hostility) had run its course, would see reason and work on other means to change the policies that were affecting the fans. Is it too much to ask the fans of the best club in the world to behave themselves / think?

Vandalising property, protesting and throwing tomato ketchup at the Glazers is NOT going to change things – at least at the current scale of protests. And the sad part is, for protesting to be effective it would have to be escalated to such a level that it would seriously harm Manchester United’s interests.

Come on people, if you don’t respect the Glazers or David Gill, at least respect yourself and what Manchester United stands for.

Manchester United in Saudi Arabia

United are headed to Riyadh to play a testimonial on Monday for the former Saudi Arabia international striker Sami Al-Jaber and will train there for a couple of days before returning on Thursday. We’re being paid around £1m for the week-long jaunt – hopefully no one gets injured, they get some rest and Nev can get some playing time. It’s unfortunate that the team has to put itself in a situation where key players may get tired unnecessarily but this being a friendly and United looking to expand their global domination, maybe it’s not that bad?