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Manchester United Fans vs Alex Ferguson



Soccerlens reader Dennis Wang from Down Under thinks that Manchester United fans are too quick to blame Sir Alex Ferguson…

So much emphasis has been laid upon Sir Alex Ferguson’s short comings in the past few years and yes, we might not be the dominant force as we used to be (yet), however to jump to conclusions and call for the man (who did bring us from being a boozed up cellar dwelling team to the glory years of the 90’s) to step down is a little far fetched.

Mismanagement of the transfer market cannot be solely based on S.A.F. as he, like all top flight teams, has a management team of coaches, scouts and staff behind him.

Plus, the amount of pressure that has been put on the management and scouts of Manchester United in the past few years has been phenomenal from the “mistakes” (Djemba-Djemba) to the “could haves” (Ronaldinho – people sometimes forget that we were favourites to sign him from PSG). Sometimes pressure does blur our decision making however through the mistakes I believe that to be able to pick up players like Rooney, Ronaldo, RVN, Rossi, Pique, they have done an exceptional job.

Lets be honest, having the job to replace the irreplaceable players of the 90’s is not a very enviable position to be in and it is my belief they have done the best they could have.

Sir Alex Ferguson has been the rock of Manchester United and without him I doubt (very very much) we would have tasted that sweet success that we have for the past decade. I find it laughable that there have been comments circulating for S.A.F. to step down. If there is one departure that would be more of a mistake than Beckham, Stam and RVN put together, it would be the Big Man himself….

So STOP the blaming and support the person that has given us the chance to support a very successful team.

Yes Dennis, but what about “no man is bigger than the club” and “It’s time for a change” and even “no man can have a hot streak forever”?

What do you think? Should SAF stay or go? Let us know by voting…

Update: Voting is now over.


Total Votes: 298
Yes, Ferguson should be replaced: 31.21%
No, Ferguson should not be replaced: 68.79%

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