Manchester United fans rejoice as Silvestre is out for 6 weeks

Ok, now we shouldn’t be cheering this news folks, but I just can’t help it…

Manchester United defender Mikael Silvestre will be out for six weeks with a broken foot.

Silvestre picked up the injury in the Manchester United v Arsenal game, and initially it was thought that it was just a minor knock and that he would be fit for Sunday’s match against Newcastle. However, he’s now reported as having a broken foot and as much as that must suck it’s enough to bring about a smile.

Now on a more serious note, here are two very good reasons that we should be happy about Silvestre’s injury:

1) It makes Wes Brown and John O’Shea the two backups for central defence and the right-back position. Brown is a better central defender than Silvestre and a half-decent right-back as well. O’Shea should be playing in defence, not midfield.

2) This will give Evra more games – especially in back-to-back matches such as Manchester United’s midweek European clashes and the League cup tie as well.

It’s not that Silvestre is … ahem … a bad player per se (he would walk in to the Newcastle United defence, for example) but his absence will give key players much-needed games (especially Evra and Brown).

It’s never good to have Manchester United players injured though – Silvestre joins Park and Giggs on the injury list, and hopefully Saha is fit and not hampered by that knock to his thigh that kept us worried against Reading and Benfica.

Oh, and predictions for Manchester United vs Newcastle?

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