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Manchester United are NOT trading Pique for Gudjohnsen



Welcome to the rumour busters edition of our transfer news and rumours column

Football hacks must be getting bored with Manchester United – Hargreaves, Nani and Anderson (links are to ManUtd.com features, so go have a look) coming in, SAF splashing the cash and United winning the title.

So someone came up with this hair-brained idea – apparently Manchester United are the sort of idiots who are going to sell the best defender to come out of Spain for a long time for a striker who is clearly not the best in England or Spain, is NOT a sprightly 20 and is NOT the type of striker Manchester United need.

Hence the proposed Pique-Gudjohnsen swap, a story fabricated in the Spanish press and pushed to the English media by such football news bastions as goal.com (who publish some of the worst fiction ever) and tribalfootball (no points for guessing what I think of them).

Here’s a dose of reality for you:

Manchester United are not going to sell Pique to Barcelona. He is one for the future, a player that has been earmarked to play at Old Trafford next season. Along with Evans and Rossi, Pique is one of those returning loan players who will be given a fair shot at playing for Manchester United next season.

Barcelona don’t need to sell a striker – and especially not a player they just brought in last season.

As far as I’m concerned – and yes, I’m going out on a limb here – Pique isn’t being sold, and Gudjohnsen isn’t coming to Manchester United. If United want a striker, they’ll go for someone who is more of a target man, a RVN-Saha mix. Alternatively, they can just throw Rossi into the starting XI and rotate him with Saha to see what happens.

Of course, if Pique is eventually sold I’ll have to eat my hat, but a) the news source and b) the statements coming out of the club and made by the player towards the end of the season that confirmed that Pique was going to play a role at United next season make me dismiss such trash out of hand.

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