Manchester United and Chelsea after Manchester City’s Micah Richards?

Okay, so I wake up this morning to find out that the ‘slow’ international week has sprung a handful of transfer rumours, including a juicy bit about Ferguson looking to bringing Micah Richards from Manchester City to Manchester United.

This is one transfer I’d like to see happen. Despite the obvious club rivalry (and Chelsea’s interest), I think we should look past the differences and think about the value the player could bring us.

Micah Richards is a quality player, although probably not worth the 18m price tag bandied about. 10m is more reasonable, although I’d say 7m is enough considering where Manchester City are in the league at the moment. Chelsea are also after Richards at the moment, while Liverpool are happy with Finnan and Arsenal don’t have the cash or space (Eboue, Hoyte) for Richards.

Will Manchester City sell Richards? If a big club comes calling, they’ll find it hard not to. Unless City secure investment, quickly, Richards and Barton are out of there, very soon.

Chelsea were heavily linked with Micah Richards, and I expect them to be at the forefront this summer as well. Manchester United have Bardsley, Simpson and Brown looking to take over from Neville. Granted, none of them are as good as to merit a United starting place (yet), but Richards is not worth 10m. And the ‘tax’ United will have to pay (for being Prem champs as well as local rivals) means that this transfer is probably out of our reach, even if Ferguson goes for it (and for now it’s just a dumb rumour, remember?).

My money is still on Chelsea buying Richards, Tottenham buying Barton and Newcastle buying Distin, leaving Manchester City with….Stuart Pearce.

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