Manchester United – all the ‘SIGNS’ point to a City-thrashing

SL reader Anirudh Agarwala writes in, and he’s not happy with the criticism Manchester United are receiving from their own fans. He feels, rightly so, that the fans should be positive.

Yes! It’s the time for the SIGNs……

Any self respecting Manchester United fan would have hid under the pillows and bed covers by now and would be ashamed of showing himself … at least that’s what all the forums will have me believe…

The argument goes on … Manchester United have been rubbish.. actually no ‘giggs’ has been rubbish and our MIDFIELD is out of sorts and we don’t have a forward we can depend upon….. to, we were complacent in the market and did not address the 1 actual problem that we had (a target man — to finish off our play).. to, Manchester United can’t play the 4-5-1 due to the lack of technical ability of SAF to adjust his players to the same and where the hell are our signings and why is O’Shea a substitute when we need goals after we spent about 60 mill pounds in the market…..

Well the answer lies thus, we are RUBBISH at being rubbish… any person who has seen the two games will realize that even though the results don’t show, we have by far dominated the two games (even IF all the above criticisms ARE correct). We did seem to create chances in abundance but did not take them. Agreed, most of them were half chances but they were chances none the less and last season we were finishing them off. It seems like the stuffing has been knocked out of the squad and we are a incoherent bunch of superstars because even though we did dominate the games our passing was astray.

I still cannot understand why the player of the year of last season and pipped to be footballer of the year (after Kaka) was not given even half as much of the ball that the new youngster NANI was given. Agreed he impressed but he is just a Ronaldo ‘in the making’ and is nowhere near the quality that he will achieve in the future years. Loads of people have suggested that Ron was covered and marked by Pompey but so was he last season. One of the reasons that I was so highly impressed and over the moon by the signings we made was that it would not only bring more performers to the club but they will attract the attention of the defenders and it would get very difficult to put two men on Ronaldo as teams did last season. Tevez and Nani were supposed to draw the players from Ronaldo and not the other way round!!!!

The result of the same was the dismissal of Ronaldo because he is a player who likes the ball and not getting it only frustrated him into that ‘alleged’ head butt. Well we don’t have him for 3 matches now and we need to get a push along without the two main-stays of our attack.

However, coming back from my fit of disappointment , we have our back against the walls but surely these are the signs that we are back to what we do best. DO THINGS THE HARD WAY AROUND. We love to have our backs against the walls and we love to keep the world against us. We are always OUT to prove a point. That’s the mentality that SAF breeds and that’s the mentality that the Manchester United fans most associate do (DON’T WE). Perform when the World thinks we are finished. The situation right now in no way means that we are finished but considering that we drew our games against reading and Portsmouth when we were pipped to have too much quality for them we need to prove a point and come Sunday we will have proven that, without Rooney and Ronaldo, and trust me we wont scrape through the game as the Pundits suggest but we will clobber Manchester City ‘Errikkson or No ERRIKKSON’ (sorry for the spelling — never seem to get it right)……

So while the World would read the SIGNs as Manchester United are missing a Striker and hence will struggle to retain the title, I see the sign as CITY — You are in for a thrashing…..

P.S. When I say ‘even IF all the above criticisms ARE correct’ does not mean that I agree of disagree to any of them. It is merely a NO COMMENTS on the matter as the same has been discussed over and over again and I don’t want this article to become another forum for criticism. Look ahead guys… what’s done is done…. And any amount of banter can’t change it….

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