Manchester United after Ribery

Franc Ribery, that Gary Neville lookalike (and the next Zidane, apparently), is being chased by Ferguson as the search to beef up United’s midfield continues. This time however, Ribery is not being pursued for his tackling ability but because we lack attacking midfielders (well, Giggs and Scholes are old, Ronaldo goes AWOL every other match and Park couldn’t put the ball in the net if his life depended on it).

Marseille have already rejected a 9 mil pound deal for Ribery from United (who are now preparing an improved bid), and they are determined to hold on to him. The cynic in me thinks that this is all showboating – Marseille are hoping that Ribery performs extremely well at the World Cup so that they can squeeze another 5-6 million out of him. Bah, businessmen.

Dixon tells me Arsene Wenger has been after Ribery as well (for quite a while too), although no moves have been made as yet. Add to that comments from the Marseille chairman that Lyon have been trying to poach Ribery from under his nose and this is definitely another one of those transfer dramas.

But what about the player himself? I’m hoping to catch him at the World Cup now, but I think Ferguson is doing the right thing by going after him. We need cover for Scholes,

If nothing else, this may just be a ruse to do a three-way transfer (Diarra coming to United and Ribery going to Lyon), but I doubt it. Manchester United needs to beef up their midfield this season, and I don’t care whether they do it before the World Cup or after it as long as they get the job done.

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