Manchester City’s pimping themselves with success, others to follow

It’s not been that surprising that Manchester City are looking for investment into the club.

To compete in the Premiership (and all that), clubs need funds and while the TV deal will bring in the money it won’t help clubs fight the wealth of the top 4 or of the second tier clubs (Newcastle, Tottenham) OR of the newly bought clubs (West Ham, Aston Villa, Portsmouth).

What has been surprising is Manchester City’s willingness to be bought, and their active seeking of investment.

While fans continue to bitch about too much money in football ruining the game, the clubs are starting to realise the stark reality of the situation: Football invokes passion, and passion draws money. Football is big business because of the huge fan base, and money will keep coming in.

Chelsea was just the beginning. Soon we’ll see more clubs like Manchester City whoring themselves out to the highest bidder in an attempt to compete for Europe and even just to survive in the Premiership.

The fans? They’ll come around too, eventually, and they’ll rationalise their 180 degrees turnaround along the way too.

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