Manchester City smile as Manchester United snarl

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New Manchester City signing Gelson says that the people of Manchester are ‘clearly Manchester City fans’. As much as I’d like to walk down to the City of Manchester Stadium on Sunday and smack Gelson, I know better than to fall for such obvious baiting.

Prick-waving aside, there’s a genuine feeling of confidence running through Manchester City and many will see the game against Manchester United as a litmus test for the new side’s true strengths. Of course, beating West Ham at Upton Park doesn’t count at all…(it does, but the fans don’t seem to think so).

Manchester United have looked rusty and ragged in their first two games, although you know that Ferguson will have these players so fired up they’ll have fire breathing out of their nostrils and in the case of Tevez, out of his arse as he once again tries to back his way into a goalscoring position.

As much as I want to, I’m not convinced this season with United – it’s only two games, you say, but I know problems when I see them and at the moment it’s not Blackburn or Everton of last season where good chances were not coming off but more basic problems in incomplete/ inaccurate passes and basic positional errors when the opposition have the ball.

Ronaldo is out till September (and fined as well, apparently) while Rooney is out till October. Step up Fletcher? I’d prefer to see Giggs and Nani on the wings, with Anderson taking up Giggsy’s role in the hole behind Tevez. However, that doesn’t solve the midfield organisational problem we have and against City, who will be looking to attack, Carrick will have to sit back and play his old game.

I can’t see United ‘running away’ with the game but if the midfield problems sort themselves out then United have an excellent chance of winning this game – the players are fresh, angry and doubly motivated. The anger should help, and so should the talent…right?

And you can’t get away from talking about Manchester City without covering Simon Hattenstone’s latest ramblings – a Sigmund Freud – Sven Goran Eriksson conversation (worth the read) and earlier, his effusive praise for the Swede (yes, effusive).

Soccerlens Prediction: Manchester United to win – seriously though, what did you expect me to say here?

What do you guys think? Comments are welcome.

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