Manchester City in takeover talks?

Manchester City are in talks with investors which “may” lead to investment in the club.

Good news for the club, but more likely than not this will not turn into a takeover of Manchester City (despite the rumours of a 70 mil takeover).

Manchester City chairman John Wardle had this to say at City’s annual general meeting:

“We are currently in talks with an investor that may lead to potential investment.

The board is aware that we need further investment to maintain our challenge in an increasingly competitive and high-finance Premier League.

We have identified a series of leads regarding possible investment in the club.

Talks are at a very early stage and accordingly we are not yet in a position to disclose the identity of the possible investor.

Hopefully, something comes of these talks because I would be prepared to pass the baton on if it allowed the club to get back into the honours.”

Manchester City will be following the lead of Chelsea, Manchester United, Portsmouth, Aston Villa and West Ham if they were to be taken over. It’s quite likely that we will see a partial takeover like what has happened at Everton, which is seen as the first step in helping the club to move to a better stadium and to start competiting financially with other mid-table sides in order to get them in Europe.


1) Real, not real? I’m thinking it will be just investment into new players, not necessarily a takeover.

2) How does this bode for the rest of the Premiership? For all the bitching everyone has done against Chelsea, they’re having to eat their words one club by one as football continues it’s evolution as a business.

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