Manchester City gunning for Europe, Chelsea gunning for Respect

Manchester City manager Sven Goran Eriksson still believes that Manchester City can make it into Europe this season. I’m not going to argue with him (or other Manchester City fans) but I’d just point at their recent run in the league and ask – why are you trying to pretend you’re Keegan (we’re going to finish in the top 10) or Wenger (I didn’t see the points difference)?

Anyway, jokes aside, Manchester City (9th) are only 4 points behind Portsmouth (6th) (although the goal difference makes it 5 points) and a win against Chelsea would give them a huge boost and possibly help them overtake one of the three teams ahead of them if they were to slip.


“It would be crazy if we gave up now because we still have the possibility of playing in Europe next season and we have to try to take it.

We are not thinking about doing Manchester United a favour, we are thinking about doing ourselves a favour.

It all depends on how we finish the last six games before we decide whether the season is a success. We have done some good things but we have had some unnecessary defeats as well.

If we can finish sixth, seventh or eighth, that would be good. If we can get into Europe by one way or another that would be extremely good.”

On the other side, Chelsea are still aching for the respect their owner believes they deserve (I always thought results and an interesting manager, if not an attractive style of play, was more deserving of respect than money). Chelsea lost their way in the second half against Fenerbahce midweek and will hope to record a win against a team who themselves have lost their way in the second half of the season.

I wonder if Grant will ever get any respect from Chelsea fans – even if he wins a title or two, the fans and press will always compare his personality with Jose Mourinho and find him lacking. Grant needs an edge, something that will attract fans to his personality and definitely a better nickname than ‘toad’. Mourinho’s genius lies in him picking his own nickname and living up to it. Grant’s folly is in trying to live up to the nickname given to him by haters.

Back to the game and the league – with Manchester United five points clear at the top of the table, Chelsea’s margin for error in the league is tiny and a slip-up against a City side struggling for form would be an opportunity lost for the Blues to get closer to the Red Devils.

Will Manchester City qualify for Europe? Can Chelsea earn the respect they crave?

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