Why can’t Manchester United score after the 70th minute?

Wenger’s charges pointed to this in the wake of Arsenal’s win over Manchester United, and it’s something that makes for a worrying read, especially if you consider these 5 key matches Manchester United has played this season:

Manchester 0-1 Arsenal – Arsenal scored midway through the second half and United could not make up the difference.

Manchester 1-1 Chelsea – Chelsea equalised in the last 20 mins of the game and Manchester United couldn’t score a second at home, before or after Chelsea’s goal.

Celtic 1-0 Manchester United – Nakamura’s late free-kick, made more painful by the penalty miss and the fact that we couldn’t score late on.

FC Copenhagen 1-0 Manchester United – Again, Manchester United concede late, and can’t claw things back.

Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United – Despite being in the lead, Manchester United went backwards after the 70th minute and couldn’t score for their lives.

See a pattern? In the last 20 games Manchester United has played in the league, we haven’t scored after the 70th minute (but have conceded 4 goals).

When it comes to the crunch games at Anfield and Stamford Bridge, this will have to change.

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