Manchester United update: Rossi vs Nani, no Quagliarella and and next year’s lineup and formations

Here are the Man Utd stories of the last couple of days, some of which include some more videos of Rossi and Nani, a comprehensive analysis of next season’s probable formations, Ferdinand, Torres, Quagliarella,Fergie Jr and more.

1. We feature clips from youtube that showed glimpses of talents like Rossi and Nani in the U21 championship game between Italy and Portugal. Trust me, these clips are worth a watch, especially Rossi. Gives you an idea of what to expect next season.

2. We indulge in some BS bashing as we stick our head and say why we think Quagliarella will not come over to OT next season.

3. In a quick round-up post we talked about other things involving United like Rio saying that he would never go to the MLS, a Torres move apparently ruled out (for the nth time. For exact value of ‘n’ go over and read the article.) There is also the mention of our Champions’ League seeding boosted (or rather, just making it to the top 8, whichever way you see it). And the prospect of the Sir facing a budding manager in his son, Darren Ferguson as United take on Peterborough in a pre-season friendly.

4. Finally there is a comprehensive analysis by Shaheen, where he says, what he thinks, to be the line-up for the next season. Worth a read, especially going by the comments that the post has got. A nice conversation going on there, I assure you.

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