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Luciano Emilio (DC United) sings “You’re Beautiful”



I’ll let Bobby Boswell tell this one:

Speaking of the Brazilians, lets discuss Luciano some more. He is full of energy and personality. And he LOVES to sing. But, only one song — James Blunt’s “Beautiful” is his song of choice. He hasn’t quite learned all of the words, but man does he give it a good shout. I hid a camera (man) in the locker room last week and you can see for yourself what he got on tape.

At it’s heart, it’s a funny video about a Brazilian guy singing an English number that he doesn’t know the lyrics to (mostly because he doesn’t know the language). However, a candid look into the dressing-room life like this is priceless, so thank you Bobby for doing this 🙂

Enjoy the video (below):

For those of you who don’t know, Bobby Boswell is a DC United player, and blogs at BobbyBoswell.com.

I wonder when we’re going to see more players blogging – surely someone else apart from Frank Lampard has heard of blogging (FL’s blog)?