Liverpool’s new owners are greedy bastards after all

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In football, there’s stuff that you know is going to happen – you absolutely know it – but the ones most affected by it never believe you.

So when we said that Liverpool’s deal was all about the money and that Gillett and Hicks had leveraged Liverpool assets and put the club in debt the same way the Glazers had done with Manchester United, Liverpool fans descended in flames.

No, how could it be possible? How could it all be just a PR campaign? The love of the Kop (I’m a United fan and I still respect the atmosphere that Liverpool fans create, it’s not ‘that’ hard to like, you know), Liverpool’s history and unique tradition, etc etc yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah.

You bought it then. You might buy it next season as well. But the hard facts still remain – Gillett and Hicks are in it for the money – like the Glazers. The only things they’ve done different is:

a) Buy a smaller club (hence the smaller loans)
b) Get the PR right (although they were helped by desperate Liverpool fans pleading for investment).

G & H learned from the mistakes the Glazers made, but they also learned from their takeover method – the financial terms served as a blueprint for the Liverpool takeover.

G & H in the news (recently):

  • Liverpool profit will service new owners’ loan
  • Rafa has a good enough deal – No new contract / raise for Rafa thanks to the new owners; he was supposed to get a raise if he won the CL but that’s not happening.
  • ITV interview with Hicks – A PR special, Hicks talks about how great the experience is (and I’m sure it’s fantastic, I’d give almost anything to be in that position – to own a football club, that is), but he also makes it clear that Liverpool is a business.

I’m going to try this one more time: Liverpool takeover = for the money.

Let’s stop the Glazer-bashing and realise that eventually, the clubs are the ones that will benefit (Manchester United have benefited already, and Liverpool will undoubtedly benefit next season). Chelsea have profited massively, and Arsenal, once they get their arses out of their heads and sell their souls, will benefit too.

Oh, and before we get the “you’re not a true fan” crap, read this.

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