Why Liverpool will not win the Premier League, again

In the last two years, Liverpool have won two cups, England’s and Europe’s most prestigious ones…and yet, I still feel that there fans would be dissapointed at their league rankings, and even Stevie G has been quoted as saying he would’ve traded them in for the League.

Now, I don’t think Liverpool will win the EPL in this season, or even the next. Here’s why…

Put simply, they run far too hot and cold. Let’s look at their last two games in these competitions. In the EPL, at home, they struggled to break down a Spurs team which is very much struggling and would’ve gone behind had Jenas not missed a sitter. In the second half, Liverpool were irresistible, and Gerrard and Alonso, who had been murdered by Zokora and Murphy started playing the beautiful passing game we know that they can. 3-0.

Against Galatasaray, it was the opposite, superb in the first half but then took a turn for rubbish in the second, and almost gave away a game in which they looked much better. 3-2

Now, my point is… In cups you play far less games, and running hot and cold can pay off, but in the league, you need to put in the boring, but solid performances which Man U and Chelsea do. Let’s take a look at certain parts of their squad today and you’ll see what I mean, if you don’t already.

In CB, Liverpool are torn between three, and unless Benitez decides which two are his best quick, I can’t see them putting in the solid defensive performances they were known for 2 and 3 years ago. Now let’s look at three of the players Liverpool brought in during the transfer period:

Craig Bellamy: Showed his undoubtable skill at Blackburn but his record is much publicised and he will not score goals for long periods.

Jermaine Pennant: young and spirited but also with a slightly dodgy past and form will bounce.

Dirk Kuyt: obviously an extremely qualified forward, but runs hot and cold for Holland, so the jury is still out.

Until Liverpool produce the Terry’s and Lampard’s of Chelsea and the Ferdinand’s and Scholes of Man U, they will not win the EPL.

Ed: You’ve heard him, now let him have the ‘proper’ welcome that he deserves 🙂

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