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Liverpool Watch: Mascherano to sign, Hicks to buy out Gillett, what Carragher did and the fan-based LFC bid



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A lot to talk about Liverpool today – the way the fan-based bid for the club is going, the whole deal with DIC and Hicks and Gillett, Mascherano’s new deal and my favourite, Carragher getting arrested for ‘common assault’ earlier this weekend (he was released on bail, don’t get too happy).

The fan-based bid has three key issues facing it (the article only mentions two): the need for proper business and football experience to manage the bid, the fact that Hicks and Gillett may not sell at 500m, and what they don’t mention, the fact that they’ve only collected 47.5m so far, and that too in pledges, not in actual money in the bank. As far as the timeframe goes, the sum collected is commendable, but time is not on their side.

If the DIC were to buy the Yanks out, they wouldn’t be selling to the fans, no matter what happens. If the Yanks hold on, it’s going to take this ‘fan-bid’ a long time to collect the funds necessary to mount a takeover. Mind you, if they have to take a loan, it pretty much defeats the whole frickin’ purpose of taking over the club.

Jamie Carragher was on his way to the training ground on Tuesday when he became involved in an argument which lead to (presumably) some pushing and shoving, which led to Carragher’s arrest and subsequent bail (source).

Two questions: One, you’re a professional footballer, you wouldn’t be arrested if you were the victim of an attack so you were probably provoked by an idiot. How smart are you mate?

Two, where’s the Sun exclusive from the victim?

Good news for Liverpool fans – Mascherano says that he’s closing in on signing a permanent deal with Liverpool. It’s just paper-work now, which will settle a few nerves in the Liverpool camp and as far as trust-building goes, give Hicks and Gillett some breathing space. Now if they could just sort out this mess with the DIC (sell or stay, make your choice and put up a united front) and promise to invest more of their own money into Liverpool (it needn’t be 100m, but 10m from both owners as a goodwill gesture would help), they can rebuild those burned bridges.

Instead, Hicks is making some pretty mystical comments to the press which is only helping to fuel the speculation. He says:

“Not only am I not going to sell, my partner cannot sell without my approval.

So I kind of have the ability to determine the outcome of what is going to happen, and I am right in the middle of that.

For a lot of reasons I can’t discuss, I haven’t been able to fix it yet. But I am preparing to be in a position to fix it.”

Great job putting pressure on Gillett mate, but what does it really tell us?

My view is that Hicks might make a move to buy-out Gillett and therefore be in a better position to deal with DIC and for the sake of Liverpool, be in a better position to bring stability to the club.

His biggest fault, if you remember, has been the debt plus the lack of support shown to Rafa. The latter has been rectified partially, and if Hicks can stabilise the club then there is little logic to oppose his ownership. Of course, football fans are hardly logical.