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Liverpool vs Sheffield United – Goals Video



The game against Sheffield United promised to be memorable for several reasons – the reverse fixture had been Liverpool’s first league game of this season, one that they only salvaged after a dive from Gerrard and a penalty from Robbie Fowler.

Sheffield United believed that they had the measure of this Liverpool squad, and expected, at the very least, to put up a good fight.

Imagine their surprise and disappointment when they were meted out the same treatment, this time two penalties in four minutes.

At Anfield, you don’t recover from that, not if you’re Sheffield United.

Liverpool could have still won the game without those penalties, but no way could it have been a flattering 4-0 win. Did they deserve the win? Definitely, because they were much better on the day.

But against a team that posed no serious dangers, diving to win the game was petty, and not worthy of Gerrard.

Here are all the four goals, plus replays.