Liverpool transfer watch – Malouda, Henry and the rest

So far, Liverpool’s focus has been to secure their star players on lucrative long-term contracts. First it was club icons Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard, and now Reina and Alonso have also committed themselves to long-term contracts with Liverpool.

The press has been on Liverpool’s case though, chiding them for not having made any transfer moves – I think that’s quite unfair, considering that June has just started and the Spanish League is still in action. If Liverpool are going to conduct any major transfers, they will do them towards the end of June and beginning of July.

There has been news coming out of Lyon that Liverpool and Chelsea have been in touch with Malouda’s agent and Lyon, but I don’t think Liverpool have Chelsea to worry about this summer – there’s a good chance that Chelsea are looking to bring in players cheaply, and they already have brought in support for the one position they need most help in – a striker. With Ben Sahar doing well in the chances he’s got and Shevchenko expected to improve, Chelsea do have 3 strikers covering for the ANC and their immediate concerns are for a central defender (and perhaps a right-back), which Alex could fill.

In all likelihood, Chelsea’s contact with Malouda (if real) is a precautionary measure in case Robben rejects his new contract and decides to move away.

Liverpool are probably more determined of the two Premiership sides to improve this summer and they have the cash to splash as well. However, Malouda might decide to wait for Chelsea before agreeing to anything, so the Malouda transfer to Liverpool could depend on Robben’s future at Chelsea.

There was some silly rumour circulated a couple of days back about Henry moving to Liverpool. I don’t think Arsenal will ever make the mistake of selling their best player (or one of their best) to a direct title rival. This isn’t like United selling Veron to Chelsea – they probably bit Chelsea’s hand off for that 15m – it’s about selling their top player, and that’s not going to happen.

Will Henry move? I don’t know, although I still think he should have been moved on last summer. This year he’s not going to command a 20m+ transfer fee, and in any case if it’s going to happen Arsenal will have to find cover for him so it will happen quickly, if at all (and I doubt it will happen).

So, apart from the usual – Eto’o / Villa to Liverpool rumours…

Who else is coming to Liverpool?

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