Liverpool top the table, but for how long?

After four matches, Liverpool sit atop the table with 3 wins and 1 draw. While we deserved more from the Chelsea game, we did ride our luck at Aston Villa. But with the signing of Torres, Liverpool fans seem think they have found the spark they have been lacking since Owens departure.

As impressive our game against Derby was, in terms of flexing our attacking muscles, we need to have a strong showing at Portsmouth to prove we aren’t suffering from the same deficiencies as last year. However with players like Torres and Voronin showing their skill in front of goal, Kuyt will need to start being more selfish on the ball. While he has been immense for Liverpool at battling from one end of the pitch to the other, he hasn’t shown his poachers instinct that was so prevalent at Feyenoord. Voronin, however, has shown a keen predatory sense, and an ability to challenge balls in key areas and create opportunities.

One area that has improved vastly from last season has been Liverpool’s wing play. With Rafa bringing in Babel, Pennant’s has been out to impress, and impress he has. A recommendation from Rafa for an international call-up doesn’t seem too spectacular, but from a manager who hands out compliments like the Glazers throw around money, it’s huge.

One area that thankfully hasn’t changed has been our defense. With Carragher out Hyypia has shown that what he lacks in pace he makes up in intelligence, and that he still can get stuck in. Agger, Arbeloa, and Finnan have been so consistent that I almost can’t recall a match in which they’ve been excluded.

To answer the question posed, hope springs eternal, and for Liverpool to stay atop for one more match day would be spectacular, however it’s the beginning of September, and even Everton is at the top of the table. Hopefully we can pester Manchester United and Chelsea up until the last match day and anything more is just icing on the cake.

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