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Liverpool takeover leaves Arsenal poor, raises questions



Disclaimer: Attacking me on the headline will not get you anywhere – all I’m saying in it is that the Liverpool takeover leaves Arsenal will the least amount of transfer funds next summer out of the top four clubs.

With the terms of the deal accepted by the Liverpool board, the takeover (and further transfer speculation) is a mere formality.

This leaves us with a very interesting situation in the top tier of the Premiership.

Chelsea have Roman’s billions, and the effects of wealth have been immediately evident on the pitch. Manchester United’s takeover left the club in debt but much of the hoohah surrounding it was (and is) trash – the club has deeper pockets than before and because they will be financially prudent as well, it points to a increased buying power than before.

Liverpool, with a proposed new stadium and increased transfer funds, will be looking to firmly place themselves in between Chelsea and Manchester United – and unlike United’s takeover this one is expected to be much more pleasant (unless there is debt involved) and quite ironic (remember how Liverpool fans were bashing Chelsea?).

It does, however, leave Arsenal as the odd club out. There have been rumours that Arsenal will be bought, but without any confirmed approach speculation is futile. Arsenal have Wenger and his eye for talent but you need to mix that youth with experience, and if Arsenal are going to stick to buying young and cheap, it’s not going to work out that well.

Bottom line – Arsenal will sooner or later need the same sort of money that Liverpool and Chelsea will be playing with, and that might need to come from investment rather than ticket sales and winning titles.

But that’s just the sideplot – the big question is, who’s next?

Arsenal? Newcastle? Everton? Manchester City?