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Liverpool need DIC to match the Big 3



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How things change…

When the Arabs and the Americans were jostling for position to take over Liverpool, the arguments raised against the Arabs were political – could you trust them, was their money legal, how did they treat their women and children, etc etc.

Sure, they looked at the financial aspects – no debts, plenty of money to buy new players, a business philosophy that insisted on creating the best possible team / company / project, and did I mention bags of money that could have helped finance Stanley Park and then some?

But all that got thrown out of the park and Liverpool went with the Yanks.

Fast forward to today and Liverpool fans want DIC to buy out the Americans – because of the debt, because of the lack of funds for Stanley Park, because they want to push their own debt onto Liverpool, because they talked to Klinsmann (and told the press about it), because they’re not backing Rafa to the hilt in signing Mascherano now rather than later, and because it is Rafa, the man who won them the Champions League without any money, who is considered the saviour as opposed to the Americans, who promised money but could not deliver the level of overhaul required to match the top 3.

Hicks and Gillett have denied that they are contemplating a sale, but with reports that DIC have made an offer and that negotiations are on the profit the Americans will make, there is a certain level of anticipation amongst Liverpool fans (not to mention the English press) that Liverpool will have a change of ownership before the end of the season (better now than at the end, lest Rafa leave and Mascherano get out of their hands).

I think that the Americans will be able to refinance the deal – that’s not the problem – and I think that like Glazer, these guys are in for the long haul and treat Liverpool like a piece of good real estate – but if the DIC do make an offer and they make it GOOD (500m is not enough IMO), then it would be in Liverpool’s interest if DIC took over and gave Rafa the support he needs to help Liverpool break into the top 3.

But Hicks and Gillett are in this for their own profit as well, and because of that we are likely to see them try their best to refinance the debt and create a situation where they can be in control next season. Would that mean the end of the Rafalution? After the Klinsmann debacle (and especially after Hicks, like an idiot, told the press about it – I mean, come on, how hard is it to figure out that the fans wouldn’t like it and that the press will twist it around and use it against you?) and especially if he doesn’t get the support needed to take Pool forward, Rafa might jump.

And don’t look Mourinho’s way, he’s not coming…