Liverpool must sell Crouch

Simple enough premise, Crouch has to leave Liverpool. I don’t think Crouch has been the root of all our problems, in fact he’s gotten Liverpool out of quite a few situations our problem has put us in. But as our first five starts have shown, we have remedied the problem. We are creative, we can finish, and our defense is still a brick wall.

Now, yesterday we had a relapse, we looked slow up front, clueless in the middle, and due to our constant, futile, attempts at getting forward, weak at the back. There was no link-up play, upfront or otherwise, and this was mostly due to our strategy of lobbing the ball forward for Crouch and hoping he’d do something with it. Usually Crouch is most effective from crosses or simply just passing to the feet, but often times Liverpool resort to a primitive strategy over all those things.

When Crouch is in form he’s a beauty to watch, ever see a giraffe stride down the field and do an overhead kick? No? Well it’s like that. However, what he takes from our game hurts Liverpool far more then the occasional tap-in or overhead kick helps us. And with our midfield scoring, Torres starting well, and even Voronin showing a knack for goal we won’t really miss him.

Hopefully Liverpool can sell him in the January transfer window, buy a young prospect or promote from our own ranks and enjoy the form we showed against Toulouse, Sunderland, Chelsea, and Derby.

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