Liverpool Have A Point To Prove

A lot of people will be talking about Liverpool’s poor pre-season form, and for all the wrong reasons. The team is gelling and with the new players it will take time to come together and start performing at the same level we saw them at towards the end of last season.

Having said that, I’m not too convinced that Liverpool are so much on the upward track as everyone else is making them to be. Part of this has to do with being a United fan, but part of this is just me being skeptical.

Regardless of all the hype and the talk, what it comes down to is this: Liverpool need to improve on their 3rd place in the Premiership last season. The assumption in the minds of most people is that Liverpool are best placed to challenge Chelsea for the title this year, considering that Arsenal are losing players and United have been written off (surprisingly) because they havent strengthened their squad as much as Chelsea and Liverpool.

I think Liverpool, under Benitez, are a fantastic team. Of course I don’t think they will win the Premiership this season – I’m a United fan, remember? Plus, I still think you guys have some way to go before you can challenge Chelsea at the top of the pile.

Liverpool’s main rivals this year will still be United and Arsenal. You may not like it, you may not expect it, but only one of these three teams (Liverpool, United and Arsenal) will be able to challenge Chelsea this year, and Liverpool are still an year away from become a true ‘title-winning’ force.

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