Liverpool and Benitez need to improve, desperately

If you’re rational and objective, you can understand that Rafa Benitez is not a muppet and he’s actually trying to do something good with Liverpool’s squad of player. His strategy at the Emirates (playing cautious in midfield to hold Fab while using Gerrard and Gonzalez to cut in and attack) was admirable as well, even if it didn’t work out for Liverpool.

But something’s got to give, and if your players aren’t performing properly it’s time to get things right in training. On Sunday night Gerrard’s body language was way off and he didn’t get as involved in the game as he should have. It was the same at Old Trafford, and Liverpool paid the price then as well.

Saying that Gerrard’s position is not the problem isn’t going to cut it – If Gerrard isn’t involved in the game you’re wasting two positions on the pitch – the right midfield and the cenral midfield place where he should be playing, at least if Sissoko isn’t there. That’s not very smart tactics.

A team without any drive from the midfield isn’t going to go very far, and at this rate Liverpool will have to battle for 4th spot, let alone 2nd spot.

What do you think? Where can Liverpool improve, and what should Rafa be doing to help them do it?

And realistically, where will Liverpool finish in the Premiership this season? I don’t see them doing any better than 4th, and even that looks to be a tough battle.

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