Lippi to Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham or Newcastle?

There’s been some talk since the World Cup about Marcello Lippi coming to the Premiership to manage a top club.

Thing is, the jobs of the top four seem relatively secure (even that of Rafa Benitez), so if Lippi was going to come in the 2007/2008 season, he could just as well come to a second-tier club.


The media would like nothing better than Mourinho to be ‘sacked’ by Chelsea and Lippi or Capello to replace him. That’s not going to happen though, and there’s more chance of Lippi going to Real Madrid to replace Capello.

Chances: Unlikely.

Manchester United

Ferguson’s here for another year. End of story.

Chances: Not happening.


Same with Wenger.

Chances: Not happening.


Here’s where things get interesting. Benitez will probably be given another year or so to prove his worth to Pool’s new owners. Results between now and the end of the season could very well determine his fate, but with Barcelona waiting in the second round failure in the CL can be excused and Liverpool are good enough to come 4th, at least, this season.

Rafa being replaced by Lippi? No real reason to this year, unless the new owners think Rafa’s never going to get the annoyingly slow start out of Liverpool’s system.

Chances: Possible.


Tottenham have the talent to attract a top manager (they don’t need to be taken over just yet), so the real question comes down to two things: Will Lippi be willing to come to Tottenham, and who would be stupid enough to say Jol if Lippi was available?

Depends really on what Lippi is looking for – a real challenge like Tottenham, or regular CL football and the big prizes and the limelight?

Chances: Not likely.

Newcastle United

Liverpool’s takeover means that the top-4 monopoly has now turned into a stranglehold. For any team to break it, they’d have to already have a nucleus of quality players (Tottenham), a top manager and funds to considerably strengthen the squad.

For Newcastle to stand any chance, they’d need to be bought – and while it’s possible I don’t see them bringing on Lippi with the current squad. Tottenham have a better chance because they still have money and already have the players, but Newcastle lack the latter and they don’t have enough money to buy the players they really need.

Chances: Not happening.

What do you guys think? Lippi could just as well head to Spain to replace Capello, or Milan. If he is to come to the Premiership though, Liverpool look like the best option.

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