Frank Lampard vs Steven Gerrard – Who’s Better?

These two marvelous midfield Maestros would waltz their way into any team in Europe, but are both inconsistent on the international scene.

Following on from Ed Harrison’s argument that these two superstars of the premiership should not be guaranteed a starting place in the England line up, which one of these players would YOU pick should McClaren leave one out to give the team more balance?

For the basis of my argument, I will settle the matter comparing attributes which all midfielders need in their arsenal, rather like a game of TOP TRUMPS. I have given them a rating out of 10 for each attribute. Here it goes…( I know that many of you will disagree!)


Skill 8 8

Passing 9 9

Leadership 10 8

Shooting 8 10

Tackling 9 7

Defending 8 7

Speed 9 8

As You can see, Gerrard just shades it scoring 61/70 with Lampard achieving 57/70.

In a game of Top trumps, Gerrard would only be ‘Gazumped’ by Lampard in his shooting ability. Off topic slightly, how many other midfielders in Europe would score as consistently high across the board as Gerrard? Sure, there are those who are more sublime in the pass, stronger in the tackle, faster and better at shooting. But he has no weak aspect to his game. He can play central midfield (as a holding or attacking player), in the whole just behind the srikers, as a right winger and also as a makeshift right back or centre half.

Therefore (in my slightly biased opinion!), I rate him as the most complete midfield player in Europe…with Fatty Lumplard a close second. In fact why should McClaren leave one out? He should give them both a kick up the arse and demand that they get their act together. It would be such a waste otherwise.

Does anybody agree?

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