Keegan remarkably realistic about Owen

It’s easy to see why Keegan is well-liked – he’s articulate, he’s forthright, he gets people excited and he’s as realistic as they come.

Keegan on Owen:

“Look around football and look what’s happening, and I’m afraid a club and a manager not wanting a player to go sometimes is not enough.

I think I can honestly say that if it comes to January, the chances are he won’t be staying, but I don’t think it will get there.”

Owen doesn’t want to stay because he wants titles, but it’s more a question of any big club in England wanting him and being able to afford his wages, which is tough because Chelsea are chock-full of strikers, Liverpool and Arsenal don’t seem willing to spend the dosh on wages and United already have two midgets playing up front.

Newcastle have to do everything they can to keep Owen – he’s a fantastic asset. The thing is, the moment he starts playing well you know someone will be knocking on the door asking about him. I wouldn’t be surprised if the sticking point in the new contract is a buy-out clause that Owen wants inserted and the club isn’t willing to allow.

Hopefully Newcastle can get in some players to improve the squad before the transfer deadline is up.

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