Joey Barton bad-mouths Neymar on Twitter

Joey Barton
Joey Barton
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Marseille midfielder Joey Barton has stooped to a new low after labeling Brazilian superstar Neymar as “cat piss in reality” through social networking site Twitter.

Joey Barton
Ironically, Barton has the same initials as Justin Bieber – JB.

Barton took to Twitter to rate the youngster’s performance in Brazil’s recent 1-1 international friendly draw with Russia at the Stamford Bridge. He wrote:


Barton has a long list of both off and on pitch misdemeanors in the past but with such act he has sunk into a new low.

He has every right to criticize a player for his performance but comparing someone with derogatory remarks such as ‘cat piss’ that too in a social networking site when thousands of viewers have access to his profile and tweets is nothing but ridiculous.

Also not only he criticizes the Brazilian youngster but chose to compare him with a young popular musician Justin Biebar, with a pinch of salt.

Barton has a long standing feud with Neymar and the comments are intentionally meant to demean his status. Neymar once admitted he had no idea who Barton was after the former Manchester City player ridiculed the 21-year-old.

Such comments have punctured Barton’s self-inflated ego and officiousness and since then he has made several attempts to mock the Santos forward by calling him ‘overrated’ and ‘show-pony’ after Brazil’s defeat at the hands of England in February.

We all know Barton can be outspoken. He more often than not involves in feud with other players and football pundits. Being outspoken is something but defaming others in the social media is simply unacceptable.

From his tweet it is obvious that he meant to insult the youngster in every possible way. No wonder why he is seen as an eternal enigma. At one hand, he preaches the quotes of philosopher Nietzsche claiming everyone to show respect, the other hand he happily insults a young player time and again on the same social platform.

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